Overcome Anything With Confident Communication Skills

Soft skills training to advance careers, teams, and organizations.


Accelerate Performance

Customized training for your team’s communications challenges, including being proactive, delegating, constructive criticism, dealing with difficult clients (and executives), asking for help, and tackling difficult conversations.

Work Better, Virtually

Teams and individuals can connect with each other through devices. Learn to effectively communicate, present ideas well online, read the virtual room, and connect with others from a distance.

Support DEIB Initiatives

As the workforce becomes more diverse, teams that can speak openly and honestly across different ages, genders, races, and cultural backgrounds will have a competitive advantage. 

Understand Yourself & Your Team with Behavioral Assessments

Industry-leading DiSC® & 5 Behaviors of Cohesive Team™ assessments, and Catalyst™, the interactive platform for understanding people.

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Train Your Leaders, Managers, and Teams to Communicate Effectively

Training, e-learning, and live workshops (in-person and virtual) to build trust, accountability, and performance, while creating a culture of teamwork and belonging.

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Tell Your Own Story, Clearly

Strategic corporate communication consulting services to clarify your message, create impactful content, or prepare for a big presentation.

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Learn Leadership & Management Communications In One Hour/Week

With Our

Leadership Communications Program



Communication is the #1 top-rated skill sought by hiring managers (higher even than teamwork).

Aspiring leaders and new managers: Learn the soft skills that can accelerate your career, goals, and life.

Learn to say and practice what needs to be said, to anyone, anytime so you can attract responsibility, credibility, and respect through the way you speak with people.

This weekly, ongoing workshop teaches individuals how to connect and influence co-workers, bosses, clients, partners, executives and others.

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"The experience I had with Dan was remarkably profound and left me with practical tools that I could apply  professional and, holistically, as a human being."

-Gabe M., Analyst
Baltimore, MD

"I gained tools I need to more clearly and effectively communicate professionally and personally. I was able to identify my own communications 'bad habits' and work to break those habits."

-Lucy C., International Development Evaluator
Seattle, WA


"Very well executed, even in a virtual environment. I would highly recommend it to any organization looking to strengthen communication and community."

-Matt W., PhD Researcher
Washington, DC

"The lessons I learned from Dan, I still practice on a daily basis. They have helped me become a more effective communicator in not just my work, but my role as a husband/father as well."

-Walt J., Business Strategist
Washington, DC

"I find myself drawing constantly on the many lessons learned in that workshop, and both my professional and personal relationships have improved as a result."

-Paula M., Programmer
Washington, DC

"This is a much needed course for staff managers and senior leaders. If this is not deemed a priority we will continue to lose quality staff because of miscommunications or lack of communication and/or feedback."

-Beth, Consultant
Washington, DC

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