Impactful, interactive, customized, and fun.

One hour, or half day. In person or virtual.



  • Assess Your Group’s Communications Challenges
  • Overcoming Your Team’s Communication Challenges (The 5 Behaviors of A Cohesive Team)
  • What Does Accountability Sound Like? (Advice, Criticism, Feedback, Direction, Praise, Apologies & Requests)
  • Hybrid or Virtual Communications Best Practices…Yes, You Can Build Relationships & Culture
  • Give & Receive Feedback Like Cheryl Sandberg
  • Help Me Help You (Clear Requests)
  • Handling Tough Conversations (Crucial Conversations)
  • Give Feedback To My Boss?!?!
  • Be A More Confident Communicator
  • How Managers Should Communicate (Direct & Delegate, Motivate, Develop Talent, & Managing Up).
  • The Work Of Leaders (Communicating Vision, Alignment & Execution)
  • Audience First Communications To Ensure Your Message Is Received
  • Clear, Persuasive Writing
  • Listen Like You Give A Shit
  • Speaking Of Emotional Intelligence
  • Typical, Terrible Influence Strategies & The Me > You > Us Strategy
  • Gen X, Y, Z & Boomers…Remixing Intergenerational Communications
  • Connecting Across Differences, With Anyone, Anytime
  • Be An Exceptional Presenter
  • Set Boundaries at Work, Respectfully, Assertively
  • Communicate Like A Rockstar Teammate
  • Words to Use & Words to Lose
  • How To Handle Toxic People
  • Custom presentations to your group's needs. Let us know the communications issues we face, and we will help you address them.
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