Assumptions C-style managers make

Dec 02, 2022
Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

This week, the 2 Minute Tip is covering common assumptions managers that can affect their teams, contributing to The Great Resignation. We have already discussed the Dominant Style, the Influence Style, and the Steadiness Style.

To close out the week, today we’re talking about things C-Style managers may be unaware of and their implications. People with the C-Style style are more analytical, reserved, and precise.

Here are some assumptions you might be making as a C-Style manager:

  • If I make a mistake, my credibility is done for.
  • It’s not good to show intense emotions at work, and building relationships is a waste of time.
  • Because I use logic and not emotions, I’m objective and unbiased and know the best way forward.
  • We need all the information and to consider all possible variables before making a decision.

Teams with C-style managers can drown in over-analysis and rigid processes. Their employees don’t feel connected or appreciated.

To improve their communication skills, C-Style people should realize that others may need more praise, excitement, and camaraderie than they do. If you’re a C-Style manager, take the time to appreciate one of your teammates on a deeper level. Get to know them and provide some positive feedback. You never know what a little connection can do.

Have a great weekend.


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