Assumptions i-style managers make

Nov 30, 2022
Image by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

This week, the 2 Minute Tip is covering common assumptions managers make and how they may affect their teams, contributing to The Great Resignation. Yesterday, we talked about D-style tendencies.

Today, we’re diving into the things i-Style managers may be unaware of and their implications. Managers with the i-Style have social personalities and are more outgoing, enthusiastic, and optimistic.

Sounds great, right? Yes, but there are some traps that i-Style managers can fall into. If you have a more social personality type, here are some assumptions you might be making:

  • We need to keep things upbeat and positive all the time, so moving on is better than digging into problems.
  • I shouldn’t put my popularity in danger by giving critical feedback.
  • Others are okay with improvising.
  • People crave excitement and need to be brought out of their shells.

These unconscious assumptions, though well-meaning, can lead to a feeling of instability. On these teams, there is usually a lot of talk that doesn’t amount to much, problems are glossed over, and it feels chaotic.

For i-style leaders, the key is understanding others’ perspectives. No, not everyone is as comfortable working on the fly or wants to express their feelings openly (or hear about yours).

Consider whether some members on your team could benefit from a more task-oriented approach, to provide stability and balance out your fast-paced, high-energy leadership.


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