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Build trust, accountability, and performance, while creating a culture of belonging and inclusivity, even virtually.


Hear what each other are really saying, empathize, and not take it personally. 

Speak openly

Say what needs to be said, constructively, directly, respectfully, to you, clients, and each other. 


Communicate constructively, under stress, across differences, and virtually. 

Fun, Interactive, Engaging.

Powerful in-person or virtual training and workshops, customized to your culture and needs. 

5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Training

Whether it’s a production team or a board of directors, teamwork is your greatest competitive advantage. As the workplace evolves, so do team dynamics, so giving your team the skills they need to work together effectively, regardless of where they are, is more important than ever. This training will help you increase trust, develop conflict norms, help everyone commit to decisions, model and practice accountability (including giving feedback), and build a results dashboard.


  • Building Trust
  • Mastering Conflict
  • Achieving Commitment
  • Embracing Accountability
  • Focusing on Results
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The Confident Communicator Leadership Communications Program

Learn to say what needs to be said, to anyone, anytime so you can attract responsibility, credibility, and respect through the way you speak with people. This weekly, ongoing workshop teaches individuals how to connect and influence co-workers, bosses, clients, partners, executives...even significant others’, teenagers, and in-laws.


  • Know yourself
  • Listening
  • Ineffective strategies
  • Connecting across differences
  • Powerful requests
  • Feedback
  • Stressful conversations
  • Listening
  • Respectful assertiveness
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DiSC® Workplace Fundamentals

Engage every individual in building more effective relationships at work. Learn in-depth self-discovery, appreciation for differences in work styles, and communications strategies for successful interactions. Suitable for large groups and company-wide training. Requires DiSC® Workplace Assessment for all participants.


  • What Drives You
  • You & Other Styles
  • Build Better Relationships
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DiSC® Management Training

Everything DiSC® Management is a virtual or classroom training and personalized learning experience proven to increase the effectiveness of anyone in a management role. Participants deepen their understanding of themselves, their direct reports, and their own managers using the DiSC® model, while learning how their management style influences their approach to decision-making, time management, and problem solving. Participants walk away with concrete strategies to help them adapt to the styles of their direct reports, enabling them to bring out the best in their people, no matter where they are.


  • Your Management Style
  • People Reading
  • Direct & Delegate
  • Motivation
  • Develop Talent
  • Manage Up
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DiSC® Work of Leaders Training

DiSC Work of Leaders® is a classroom training and personalized learning experience that connects unique leadership styles to real-world demands. It teaches best practices and provides an actionable path toward more effective leadership — using the Vision, Alignment, and Execution model. Understand your own leadership style and how your tendencies influence your effectiveness in specific leadership situations.

  • Introduction to Work of Leaders
  • Vision
  • Alignment
  • Execution
  • Action Planning
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“Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication.” 

— Mike Krzyzewski  


Companies with effective communicators achieved 47% higher total returns.



Of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.



Of managers are not comfortable communicating with employees in general.

HR Technologist


Virtual teams are as much as 3x more likely  to engage in backstabbing, gossip, undermining, passive aggression, etc.

Vital Smarts Research


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Training + Coaching + Practice =

Results that Last


Interactive, experiential, fun.

Focused on your real-life challenges.

Far more effective than typical corporate communications training. 


Testimonials & Reviews

"We just had an excellent experience with Dan Kaplan and his company, the Confident Communicator. He was engaging, humorous, practical, immediately helpful, insightful, and has really changed the way we're speaking with each other, our faculty, and our students. Dan is an excellent teacher, and I highly recommend him to those of you who have teams who struggle when giving (or receiving) honest feedback, or just communicating in general." 


- Josh W. Middle School Principal
, Baltimore, MD

“Many leaders will state they do not have the time, but as an organization, we cannot afford to not take the time.”

“I hope this is something that we will institute organization-wide...so that we come out the other end as a stronger, more efficient, more effective, and more inclusive organization.”

“This is a much-needed course for staff, managers, and senior leaders.”

“Keeping one another accountable and providing space to be vulnerable was crucial for this workshop. It was helpful, especially during covid-times."

“An unplanned-for element was the realization that all of us go through similar thoughts, feelings, and experiences (both personally and professionally) that we normally don't have the chance to talk about or to reconsider better ways of handling.”

“I think this will help solve so many issues with silos, misconceptions, and roadblocks. I would recommend this class to anyone willing to take this journey.”

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How well do your teams collaborate across differences, virtually, and under challenge?

Training & coaching from a pro

As an experienced corporate communications director, mountaineering expedition leader, and father of 3 teenagers, Dan Kaplan created the Confident Communicator because he knows that anything is possible, if we can just learn to talk to each other.

Learn more about Dan, his 25+ years of experience, and his "why."

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