Assumptions D-style managers make

Nov 29, 2022
Image by Alex Green from Pexels

This week, the 2 Minute Tip is using the DiSC model to explain common assumptions managers that are contributing to The Great Resignation. Today, we’re kicking it off by looking at some things D-style (Dominant) managers may be unaware of, and their implications.

Managers with D-style have dominant personalities. They are direct, firm, and strong-willed.

If you relate to a Dominant style, here are some assumptions you might be making:

  • I’m the manager, people need to adapt to me.
  • This is a workplace – people don’t need morale-building or emotional support. It’s just coddling.
  • Results matter most.
  • I can’t slow down, and everyone else should be as driven as I am.

This I-can’t-show-weakness, results-at-all-costs kind of leadership usually leads to burnout, a team afraid to take risks, and people hiding mistakes.

As you go about your day, consider the value of empathy in leadership. Would you perform better for a manager who practices compassion and is vulnerable sometimes?

Leaders who show empathy – especially D Style leaders – can build loyalty, reduce turnover, and get better results.


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