Manage up to a gentle boss

Aug 04, 2022
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This week, the 2 Minute Tip is covering four different approaches to managing up to four different types of bosses. We have already discussed how to influence a dominant boss and a social boss. Today, let’s look at the gentle style boss.

In the language of the DiSC® Personality Assessment, bosses with the “S” or Steadiness Style, tend to be empathetic and team-oriented.

They may be a great listener, methodical and patient. They prefer to finish a project before starting another. They’re driven by a need to serve others, for team harmony, steady planning, and progress, and need time to prepare for proposed changes. They generally do not like change for the sake of change.

Do’s when managing up to a gentle boss

  • Schedule a time to meet, or give them a heads up on the topic and ask for a time to discuss.
  • Listen and be responsive.
  • Let them know the impact on people, such as saying the team needs more support.
  • Relate poor results to team stress and low morale.
  • Show empathy and concern for others.

Don't’s when managing up to a gentle boss

  • Don’t drop a bomb on them.
  • Do not rush into business or the agenda. Break the ice with personal comments.
  • Don’t be demanding, forceful, or push for immediate resolution or decision. Slow down and allow time for them to decide.
  • Don’t over-promise something you can’t deliver. Build and maintain trust.

I am predominantly the S Style, and can tell you when someone on my team comes to me having first thought through an issue and proposes a solution to the problem, I instantly have more confidence in them as team players – something very important to those of us concerned with team harmony.

Tomorrow, we will discuss managing up to the “C” or Conscientious Style, the more analytical boss.


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