Reading and connecting with gentle people

Nov 04, 2021
Photo by fauxels from Pexels

This week, the Daily Tip is exploring a simple technique to read and relate to people using the DiSC Model. We have already discussed ways to read and connect with dominant and social people. Today, we’ll look at steady people, or the “S” style.

In the DiSC Model, a “S” or Steadiness style is easy to recognize by their slower pace and accepting nature. 

Slower-paced and accepting people are probably the “S” or Steadyness Style 

“S” Style people are often described as gentile. They’re warm, with a lower level of outward energy. The calm, peaceful, even-tempered types. 

Because “S” Style people are more accommodating and patient, their roles on teams are often to bring people together, to ensure everyone is heard, and to show concern for others feelings. 

Because they get satisfaction from accommodating others, they’re often happy to give support whenever and wherever they can. They also don’t need to win to feel good about themselves, are often quick to share credit and are are often comfortable working in the background.

Mother Teresa, Stevie Wonder, and Lana Del Rey are famous “S” Styles. 

To help you better identify “S” Style people, think of someone you know who is slower-paced and accepting. How many of the traits above do you see in them?

How can you connect with a calm, gentile person? 

So you’ve identified someone as an “S” Style. How can you connect with them, or speak in a way they’ll better understand you? 

You can:

  • Take your time, don’t come on too strong, and earn their trust
  • Don’t ask for big decisions right away
  • Clarify guidelines as much as possible
  • Provide the assurance of safety to receive honest feedback 

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at the “C or Conscientious Style, including how to quickly identify and connect with analytical people.


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