Managing up to an analytical boss

Aug 05, 2022
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This week, the 2 Minute Tip is covering four different approaches to managing up to four different types of bosses. We have already discussed how to influence a dominant boss, a social boss, and a gentle boss. Today, let’s look at managing up to the analytical boss.

In the language of the DiSC® Personality Assessment, bosses with the “C” or Conscientious Style tend to be objective and methodical. They are highly organized, valuing the details, facts, and data. They require supporting evidence and may worry about the consequences caused by change. They don’t like making decisions without understanding the details, which requires time.

Do’s when managing up to an analytical boss

  • Schedule a time to talk, providing a reason for the meeting.
  • Support your opinions with logic and data.
  • Convey your expertise, or at least preparation and thoughtfulness.
  • Allow them time for careful analysis.
  • Expect skepticism, so be prepared.
  • Remain factual and businesslike.

Don't’s when managing up to an analytical boss

  • Don’t be disorganized or messy. Prepare your case in advance.
  • Don’t force a quick decision. Provide facts and supporting information.
  • Don’t fail to follow through. Do what you say you can do.
  • Do not touch them or show too much emotion. Allow them their space.

Thanks for reading all week. I enjoyed writing these posts because I have seen organizations undergo a tremendous transformation when using the DiSC assessment and training. It’s powerful behavioral science you can use to your advantage.

Here’s a quick summary

  • With the dominant boss (D Style), make it about not failing.
  • With the social boss (i Style), make it about people's enthusiasm and positivity.
  • With the gentle boss (S Style), make it about team stress and low morale.
  • With the analytical boss (C Style), make it about not making our numbers or the breakdown of processes.


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