Reading and connecting with social people

Nov 03, 2021
Photo by Jopwell from Pexels

This week, the Daily Tip is exploring a simple technique to read and relate to people using the DiSC Model. Yesterday, we discussed ways to read and connect with dominant people. Today, we’ll look at fun, upbeat, energetic people.

In the DiSC Model, an “i” or Influencer style is easy to recognize by their fast pace and accepting nature. They like people and are outgoing.

Fast-paced and accepting people are probably the “i” or Influence Style.

“i” or Influence Style people are lively and outgoing. They’re generally both high energy and positive about relationships. They like to engage with others and mix it up. 

When an “i” Style walks into a room, they see the social opportunities. They’re talkative, sometimes fast-talking. 

‘i” Style people assume others are acting with the best of intentions. They’re often expressive about their opinions and emotions, and are usually accepting of new ideas and people. They thrive in fast paced, action-oriented environments. They may use phrases like “hit the ground running” or are quick to make decisions that “keep the ball rolling.”

 On a team, they’re likely to be the group’s cheerleaders who place a high value on collaboration, action, and momentum. They’re the ones who motivate, getting others excited about goals and ideas. 

Will Smith and Liz Taylor are famous “i” Styles. 

To help you better identify “i” Style people, think of someone you know who is fast-paced and accepting. How many of the traits above do you see in them?

How to connect with highly social people?

So you’ve identified someone as an “i” Style. How can you speak in a way they’ll better understand you? 

You can:

  • Ask them about the people in their lives (friends, family, children, co-workers),
  • Be prepared to talk about yours,
  • Talk in terms of people,
  • Give examples,
  • Express yourself,
  • Keep the conversation moving. 

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at the “S” or Steadyness Style, including how to quickly identify and connect with such people.


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