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Closing The Post-Pandemic Skills Gap

As organizations adapt to a post-pandemic world, many stumble on the skills gap — a significant disparity between the skills needed to achieve their goals and their workforce’s capabilities. This study surveyed 600 HR professionals and explores: how the skills gap impacts organizations, strategies for upskilling and reskilling workers, emerging hiring and retention trends, and whether education benefits help close skills gaps.

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The State of Teams After COVID

Over the past several decades, employees have devoted much more of their time to collaboration—in meetings, on phone calls, or via email and chat platforms. Engaging with their team(s) now accounts for over 60% of employees’ time.

Teams are the building blocks of any organization1 , and our working lives are becoming more team-oriented than ever before.

Over the past several decades, employees have devoted much more of their time to collaboration—in meetings, on phone calls, or via email and chat platforms. Engaging with their team(s) now accounts for over 60% of employees’ time. 

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The Invisible Drain on Your Company's Culture

Every single one of us struggles with insecurity.

In fact, we do it every single day of our lives, even when we don’t realize it. What we realize even less, however, is just how much this insecurity eats away at our organizational cultures. But if we can help people own their personal quirks and if we can help them extend that same goodwill to their colleagues, we can cultivate a counteragent: a culture of trust. This eBook will explore one time-tested methodology for doing so: personality-based assessments. 

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The Drivers of Destructive Conflict

Conflict is uncomfortable, yet unavoidable in every workplace. 

Under the Hood exposes the connection between our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, revealing the secret engine that drives destructive conflict. It also points to the solution with a proven methodology that’s grounded in psychology and validated in the field by Authorized Partners of Everything DiSC®. This method empowers all people to put their conscious selves back in the driver’s seat and productively engage in conflict.

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Soliciting Feedback From a Group

Even in private, people are reluctant to tell leaders what they really think, for a range of reasons, including power imbalances, fear, and embarrassment. Most people are reluctant to tell those with power over paychecks what they really need to hear. This eBook focuses on the best ways to solicit feedback from your group in a way which maintains open communication. Learn how to speak openly, respectfully and persuasively, when it matters.

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The Five Behaviors® Team

In the modern workplace, our environments are in constant flux. As a result, it can feel downright impossible to develop a truly cohesive team. The truth: teams rarely hit their collaborative peak and potential unconsciously. With the right framework, developing and practicing teamwork comes consistently, and relationships thrive—taking your organization to the next level. The Five Behaviors® Team Development can transform your perspective.

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How to Stop The Great Resignation

What is driving this historical moment in time where tens of millions of people have quit or are thinking about quitting their jobs in search of something new? The standard aspects of a job like career advancement, compensation, and benefits play a role, but it is the human aspects of work (or more accurately, the lack thereof) that seem to be pushing people over the edge. Learn how you can stop the Great Resignation in its tracks.

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Closing the Virtual Teamwork Skills Gap

The virtual workplace has upended the way teams work together. To thrive in the new normal, organisations need to assess what they are doing to build a culture of effective teamwork. In this eBook, you’ll discover the challenges affecting teams in the remote workplace and learn three strategies to close the virtual teamwork skills gap in your organisation.

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Use DiSC to Communicate More Confidently

The DiSC model is a behavioral assessment tool that categorizes people into four primary styles based on their communication and behavioral tendencies. Understanding these styles can help improve communication, teamwork, and relationships in the workplace.

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Dan's Recommended Reading List

Here are the books I recommend to my clients, to help improve leadership, management, and team communications. 


1:1 Meeting Template

Regular meetings are an opportunity for relationship growth, but they must be substantive. Open and honest communication between manager and employee reduces turnover, clears the air, provides clarity and direction, and can make both people happier employees. If your 1:1 manager/employee meetings are lacking, here’s a template you can adapt to your needs, to facilitate meaningful feedback and conversation. 

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