Show me, don’t tell me

Sep 05, 2023
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To influence, help someone come to their own conclusion by showing, not telling.

Showing Telling
She was crying. Her eyes were puffy and mascara had run down her face.
I am an expert in managing growth. I took a company from $5M to $10M in 3 years.
We are a global research firm. Thinking of investing internationally? Download our latest report on emerging economic trends in 18 countries.
We’re an award-winning studio. Voted the best agency in Baltimore 3 years in a row.
We’re proud of our consultative approach to recruitment Finding the right person for the job starts with understanding the team they’ll be joining. That’s why we sit down with anyone who has an interest in the candidate and ask about…


My theory on this is that when your audience has to think and make connections, even a little, they’ll believe the idea more because it’s their own, not yours.


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