Go for the triple win

Sep 12, 2023
Image by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels.com

What’s better than a win-win situation? A triple win.

I recently stopped writing for clients as a way to bring in income while I built my communications training business, but one of my best clients asked me to ghostwrite an ebook.

I told her that I would, not only because I wanted to help her, but because the topic was on race relationships in the workplace, and I felt it she has an important message that can help people.

That was a double win, but I added a third reason…because it would help me learn more and improve myself.

This last bit, explaining how doing something will also help you meet your own needs is a powerful way to show you’re invested.

I gave her confidence that I was here for her by saying how it benefitted her, her audience, and me personally. Triple win.


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