1:1 meeting template

Sep 17, 2023
Image by Christina Morillo from Pexels.com

The 1:1 manager/employee meeting is usually a missed opportunity.

The problems I see include:

  • These meetings often aren’t held nearly enough
  • Neither person really gets honest about their needs
  • They’re awkward or feel forced
  • Nothing of real value is discussed
  • Interpersonal communications issues are avoided
  • They turn into gossip or bitch sessions
  • Managers throw leadership under the bus, in an attempt to be liked by the employee
  • They’re repetitive, rarely breaking new ground
  • They’re frequently rescheduled, canceled or skipped
  • Both sides come unprepared
  • The list goes on…

If your 1:1 manager/employee meetings are lacking, here’s a template you can use.

I believe these meetings are an opportunity for relationship growth. Open and honest communication between manager and employee reduces turnover, clears the air, provides clarity and direction, and can make both people happier employees.


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