Are you on it?

Aug 29, 2023
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I talk to a lot of managers. One thing they all wish is that their teams could help them reduce their worry and stress that work is getting done. Here’s something super simple you can do to make your boss’s job easier and become indispensable.

Give them confidence in you with some proactive over-communication.

Did your boss email you an important task? Don’t wait until tomorrow to respond.

Even if you can’t get to it tomorrow, shoot off a quick note saying “Got it” or “Received” or “On it.”

Better yet, tell them when you’ll deliver.

“No problem. I’ll have this Thursday AM.”

What if work piles up and you realize you won’t have it Thursday?

Say so, just give the reason.

“It’s taking longer than expected, but we’re still working on it. Looks like the soonest I can get it to you is Friday. Let me know if this is a problem.”

Free up their brain space by letting them know you’re on it.


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