Talkin’ Millennial

Nov 23, 2022
Image by Jason Goodman from Unspash

This week, the 2 Minute Tip is covering generational communication differences. We’ve already discussed Baby Boomers and Gen Xer’s. So, who’s next?

Millennials sometimes get a bad rap from older generations for being overly sensitive.

They value mental health and workplace support more than Baby Boomers or Gen Xers, having been raised in a more encouraging environment with less negative reinforcement. Who can blame them for expecting the same from their work environment and relationships?

Multi-generational workplace expert Lindsey Pollak recommends taking a “coaching approach” when giving feedback to a Millennial. As a supporter, mentor, and teacher, rather than an adversary, a good coach might respectfully explain the impact of their behavior and ask them what they can do it differently next time.

Keeping it positive and supportive doesn’t mean you need to abandon discipline and high standards. Coaches are expected to get results, too.


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