Mindful Communication

Nov 16, 2022
Image by Bruce Mars from UnSplash

Two young fish are in a tank. An older fish swims by and says, “Hey kids, how’s the water?” One of the young fish turns to the other and says, “What’s water?”

Our workshops teach people how to respond rather than react. This requires self-awareness, something many aren’t capable of. It’s incredibly hard to present enough to be aware of how your emotions are in control.

But awareness, being present, is a natural function of the mind.

It’s that sensation you get when the air conditioner turns off and it’s suddenly quiet. You hadn’t even noticed the noise before, but from that external change, you’re brought into the moment, and your mind opens to new possibilities.

You experience this even without external stimuli, like when you catch yourself daydreaming in a meeting. That instant you become aware you were “somewhere else,” you’re suddenly here, now.

You can develop this skill before you need it. Try it right now. Simply stop reading this and breathe. What are you feeling? What are you needing?


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