If you’re a C-Style leader, here’s what your team is really thinking

May 17, 2023
Image by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Let’s continue talking about the assumptions that can get managers in trouble.

In the DiSC model, “C” or conscientious style managers are analytical, reserved, and precise.

Here are some common ones that C-style managers sometimes make:

  • If I make a mistake, I’ll lose my credibility
  • If people haven’t gotten negative feedback, they will assume they’re doing a good job
  • We need all of the information before we make a big decision
  • It’s undignified to show intense or tender emotions at work
  • Time spent relationship building is largely frivolous
  • My judgment is completely objective and unbiased because I use logic
  • Emotions have no place in decision making
  • There’s one best way of doing things
  • If my feedback is objective and fair, I don’t need to cater to people’s feelings
  • I need to consider all of the variables before I decide
  • You should keep emotions to yourself
  • If I make a bad decision for the group, it will never be forgotten
  • I’ve thought this through and there’s no better way to see it

These assumptions can have unintended consequences for their team, including people thinking:

  • We get bogged down in over-analysis
  • There’s a lack of shared excitement for our work
  • We don’t feel like our hard work is appreciated
  • We miss opportunities because we’re too cautious
  • Our processes are too rigid
  • We don’t feel connected to our teammates

If this is you, acknowledging your C-style communication traits will help you recognize that embracing the humanity of your direct reports on a deeper level can help you get better results.

By understanding other perspectives, you’ll see that the people you manage often need praise, excitement, optimism, camaraderie, or risk-taking at a much greater level than you do.


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