Get your team comfortable with asking

May 25, 2023
Image by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Do the people you manage have a hard time asking for what they need – resources, time, help, or support?

Some people avoid asking for what they need, and not only can it hurt themselves, but the team as well.

Try this request exercise from my mountain climbing guide and friend, Kamrin Peterson.

  1. Get your team together and have them each write their most needed work request on a post-it note.
  2. Gather the requests and have the whole team peruse them all together.
  3. Have everyone pick one post-it request that they can help with.
  4. Then, have everyone share the request they picked, so the requester can identify it was theirs
  5. Have each pair discuss how the person who picked the request can help the person who made the request.

This exercise gives an avenue for people to request things without the pressure of bringing it up themselves, and with time, they will get more comfortable asking for what they need.


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