Leadership Communications Program

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For aspiring leaders and managers.  


Learn & practice what needs to be said.


Attract responsibility, credibility, and respect.

Stop reacting and communicate confidently in the moment, under stress, in challenging situations, and with difficult people.

Effectively share your ideas, accept and give feedback, manage expectations, and gracefully handle important conversations.

Gain perspective on your communication style and unseen bad habits, improving self-confidence, presence, and awareness.

Persuade co-workers, supervisors, supervisees, clients, partners, even executives.

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Communication is the top-rated skill sought by hiring managers (higher even than teamwork).

Source: MBA.com

100+ Self Paced Lessons & Activities

Know Thyself

Assess your current skills, identify your style, set your personal goals and objectives.


Identify listening blocks, monitor yourself, set your intent, and body language.

Ineffective Strategies

Learn all the ways we sabotage ourselves, and why you're not being heard.

Connecting Across Differences

With anyone, anytime, even across genders, race, age, and power differentials.

Powerful Requests

Learn how to ask in a way that gets your needs met and fosters trust.


Give and receive advice, criticism, direction, and praise. 

Stressful Conversations

Learn to speak your truth when it matters most. 

Respectful Assertiveness

Being assertive, saying no, dealing with rejection, and much more. 

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This will be fun, I promise!

(The opposite of a boring corporate training where you forget everything in 3 days.)

1) Learn on the app & website

2) Discuss weekly on Zoom

3) Practice in a safe space until you're confident speaking your truth, when it matters most

"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice." - Anton Chekhov


(For the communications program that changes lives!)


“This has definitely helped me reduce some of the anxiety and stress I feel when communicating with clients that have been challenging in the past.”

Susan F., Analyst
Washington D.C.

“I learned to have difficult conversations both with folks I supervise (so they get honest feedback and keep learning/growing) and also folks above me (whose default is to shut down ideas from junior people).”

Tony M., Project Manager

“I now have the ability to pause in a situation, decide what I really want, and ask for it effectively.”

Bekky A., Project Lead
Bethesda, MD.

Why Learn To Communicate Like A Confident Leader?

  • Feel empowered
  • Share your ideas
  • Manage what is expected of you
  • Engage in difficult conversations
  • Persuade co-workers, supervisors, supervisees, clients, partners, even executives
  • Improve your effectiveness
  • Gain respect
  • Show leadership
  • Foster collaboration & culture
  • Advance your goals and career

What makes this program so effective?


We start with your challenges and objectives, then work through targeted lessons and practice, based on your real-life challenges and situation.

A Little Each Week

The short lessons break down everything into digestible, easy to understand concepts, in multiple formats, delivered to your phone or desktop. 


No judgments! Step out of your comfort zone in the weekly practice group, so you can get comfortable practicing new skills safely.

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Training & coaching, from a pro

As an experienced corporate communications director, mountaineering expedition leader, and father of 3 teenagers, Dan Kaplan created the Confident Communicator because he knows that anything is possible, if we can just learn to talk to each other.

In the practice sessions, app, and community forum, you'll have access to Dan's 20 years of communications expertise. 

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  • Personalized interpersonal  communications assessment
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  • 14 skill builders
  • Communications challenges
  • Weekly Zoom practice sessions
  • Community forum
  • Group coaching
  • Mobile app
  • Great support
  • No commitment

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Weekly live, group practice sessions on Zoom, Tuesdays 12:30-1 PM ET / 9:30 AM-10 PT. Bring your real-life communications challenges and practice in a safe space. 

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