I know you’re focused on results…your own!

Mar 20, 2023
Image by Alexander Suhorucov from Pexels

The 2 Minute Tip is back!

Thanks for all the kind words while I took a break from writing. Producing quality posts everyday was a lot, so the 2 Minute Tip will now be published a few days a week instead of everyday, but it will keep providing usable tips on leadership communications, so read on!

Patrick Lencioni says, “Of course, everyone is focused on results. Unfortunately, most of the time, they’re focused on ‘my results’ – my department, my project, my career advancement, my political power – and not the team’s results.”

There are 6 reasons why your teammates are putting personal results ahead of team results:

  1. More emphasis on personal goals than team goals
  2. Emphasis on career status or progression
  3. Lack of shared rewards
  4. Vague or shifting goals
  5. Insufficient/ineffective process & structure
  6. Lack of drive & urgency

Fortunately, as a leader, these are all things you can affect, which we will discuss in the next few 2 Minute Tips.


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